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While regular maintenance is usually the best way to ensure the roof of your Gillingham property remains safe and watertight, roofing emergencies can sometimes happen, regardless of how well you’ve looked after your roof. Fortunately, there are many roofers in Gillingham who offer an emergency call-out service, meaning they can come to your property and put the problem right, even at night or over the weekend.

When do you need to call an emergency roofer?

Some people aren’t sure what constitutes a roofing emergency. However, if any of the following happen, you should call a roofer in Gillingham as quickly as possible:

  • there’s a serious leak in your roof which is causing water to come through your ceiling
  • all or part of a roof has collapsed
  • a tree has come down on your roof during a storm and you’re unsure about the level of damage it has caused
  • your guttering or downpipes have fallen off or become damaged, and water is pouring onto the ground around your home.

When you call out a roofer in Gillingham to attend to your emergency, you may find they have to effect a temporary repair to get your home back to being watertight, and will then give you a quote for a longer-term solution. Of course, you should also call your home insurance when there is a roofing emergency, as your insurer will hopefully be able to cover some or all of the costs of the roofer in Gillingham, but it’s important that you keep them informed.

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