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If you’re choosing a roofer in Sheerness, you’re likely to ask them a wide range of questions, including how much the job will cost and when they can do it. However, there are some less obvious questions that you should ask any roofer in Sheerness before you agree for them to go ahead. Getting the answers to these questions at the earliest possible stage should mean the work goes smoothly and reduces the risk of any problems with your roofer in Sheerness:

  • Are you insured? It’s vital your roofer in Sheerness has public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance. That way if there is any damage to your home or to anyone else around, it will be covered and won’t be your responsibility. Never use a roofer in Sheerness who doesn’t have insurance
  • What is your attitude towards health and safety? Working at height is hazardous, and so it’s important to choose a roofer in Sheerness who is appropriately trained and qualified in safe working techniques. If you’re not happy with your Sheerness roofer’s answer to this question, choose a different contractor.
  • Will you use sub-contractors on this project? Using sub-contractors isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s important for you to be aware of who will be working in your home, what their skills and qualifications are, and the work they will be doing. If your roofer in Sheerness is going to sub-contract any of the work, make sure you have full details of who else will be used, and why.

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